6 Ways to Use The Everything Blanket

The Everything Blanket is a blanket-of-all-trades!  Here are just a few of the countless ways you can use this multi-purpose, bamboo-blend, breathable blanket:

(1)  A blanket or swaddle!  Duh.  Wrap your little nugget up tight for siesta time.  He or she will be snug as a bug in a rug in our naturally insulating, soft and stretchy, hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking cover.  Always use appropriate swaddling guidelines, and monitor baby for safest sleep!

(2)  A nursing cover!  The key words here are BREATHABLE and MOISTURE-WICKING.  Ever lifted up your nursing cover after a nursing sesh to find your baby covered in sweat and her wet hair and cheeks sticking to your boobs?  (And I thought motherhood was supposed to be glamorous...).  That not-so-pretty sight is a thing of the past with our intelligent, breathable, bamboo-blend fabric.  Try it.  Your airplane neighbors will thank you.

(3)  A car-seat canopy!  Help your little guy catch some Z's in the car seat by creating his own little The Everything Blanket cub cave.  Did we mention: breathable?

(4)  A stroller canopy!  Keep harmful UV rays at bay by making The Everything Blanket a stroller canopy.  It will stretch to fit EVERY stroller known to [wo]man.

(5)  A play mat!  Bring The Everything Blanket along for picnics and play dates.  Your baby's knees and feet will thank you for a soft place to roll, sit, and engage in baby shenanigans.

(6)  A changing mat!  Toss the The Everything Blanket in your diaper bag to always have a changing mat on hand.  It's over-sized (but rolls up small) and durable, giving you a big, safe surface to change your baby on the go.

Can you think of other ways to use this must-have baby item?

Thank you for reading and shopping with CCBABY!

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