CCBABY Gives Back

Here at CCBABY, we love babies.  And that means ALL babies.  Black, white, bald, hairy, boy, girl, fat, skinny, born, unborn, healthy and those facing health-limiting challenges.

To that end, it is our joy to support organizations that share our passion for the lives of babes.

One of these organizations is a Dallas-based, Christian non-profit called Abel Speaks, whose mission is to serve families who have chosen to carry a baby with a life-limiting diagnosis. 

Many of the families who come to Abel Speaks have recently learned that their unborn baby has a disorder or abnormality that will likely be fatal to their child.  Abel Speaks comes alongside these families and shows them they are not alone by providing help in the form of medical connections, mentoring, photography, and birth support. 

In addition, Abel Speaks provides each family with an "Abel Box" filled with gifts to help them savor each moment and create memories.  CCBABY donates a Stretchy Swaddle to go into each Abel Box so that every Abel Speaks family will have a soft, warm blanket to wrap their baby in, God willing, and to treasure as a keepsake.

Visit the "CCBABY Gives Back" page on our website to learn more about how CCBABY gives back to the community and how your purchase supports love and life for all babies.


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