Why Bamboo?

You may notice that all CCBABY products are made primarily of bamboo.  If clothes being made of plants seems weird to you, think again!  Bamboo has a number of qualities that make it the ideal fabric for clothing and cuddling your most valuable little bundles. 

Bamboo fabric is:

(1)  Hypoallergenic.  If you were thinking about getting your baby a golden-doodle, save your money.  Get him/her a One-Year Onesie instead.

(2)  Moisture wicking.  All babies love to sit in wetness, right?  NOT.  Bamboo fabric pulls moisture from the skin and promotes evaporation, meaning it keeps baby dry and comfy through sweaty car rides, sweaty jaunts in the baby wrap/carrier, sweaty nursing sessions under your nursing cover of choice, sweaty EVERYTHING, and even leaky diapers. 

(3)  Antibacterial.  It fights odors to keep baby smelling baby-fresh.

(4)  Powerfully insulating, meaning it keeps baby cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  WHAT!?  #science

(5)  UV protecting.  We can't recommend skimping on the sunscreen, but we DO recommend adding bamboo fabric to your UV Protection Repertoire!  The more [protection from skin cancer], the merrier.

(6)  Bamboo fabric is eco-friendly.  Because Mother Earth is ALL OUR mama.

(7)  Unbelievably soft.  Try it for yourself.  You'll never go back.

We could go on and on about the benefits of bamboo to you, your baby, and the planet, but they say the average attention span is about 8 seconds, so we've already lost some of you.

All you need to know:  bamboo fabric is perfect for the mama or daddy who wants an unsweaty, sweet-smelling, perfectly temperatured, safe skinned, eco-conscious, comfy, happy baby who is free of allergic breakouts. 

CCBABY is proud to offer soft, smart, responsible products that are a WIN WIN for everyone. 

Thank you for reading and shopping with CCBABY!

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