Our Story

Any moms out there sick of having to replace your baby's wardrobe every 3 months as he/she grows?  Yeah, me too.  Enter: CCBABY. 

Founder CC Wood had baby Margot (pictured on the right) in March 2017 and was shocked by how quickly that little nugget grew and how often she had to buy new clothes for Margot that would inevitably only last another 3 months. 

Frustrated - and blessed with some extra time on her hands (thanks, maternity leave!) - CC decided to see if she could make a onesie that would stretch and adjust to fit for a whole year.  Welp, you already know how that story ends - it worked!

A few months later, CC left her job practicing law and began dedicating herself full-time to making adjustable, primarily organic, eco-friendly basics for all you other mamas and dadas out there who are sick of spending your time and money on baby clothes that don't last.

CCBABY is committed to making clothes that make sense.  First and foremost, they fit for an entire year, which is just plain smart.  Beyond that, CCBABY products are made primarily of bamboo fabric, which has many benefits for your baby and the environment (read our blog post: "Why Bamboo?" to learn more).  Finally, CCBABY products are hand-sewn right here in the USA to give you peace-of-mind and pride in your purchase.

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Thank you for supporting CCBABY!  We appreciate YOU.