Care and Sizing


We recommend you machine wash your CCBABY items on cold with like colors.  Lay flat or hang to dry. 

Or, if you're okay with a little shrinkage, dry on low/no heat or delicate cycle.  In our experience, shrinkage will not exceed one inch and will stretch back out as baby grows (except length on pants - you will have to stretch that back out by hand).

Do not wash or dry your CCBABY products with items that have zippers or Velcro. We also recommend washing the garment inside out to prevent pilling.  Gentle detergents with no bleach are best.
CCBABY products are almost entirely organic and are not treated with harsh chemicals, including flame retardants.  Keep away from flame/burn hazards.

Size 0-12 Months:  Fits most babies 8-24 lbs.

Size 12-24 Months:  Fits most babies 24-34 lbs.

Headbands fit most babies 0-24 Months.

Some moms have told us that Size 0-12 Months actually fits longer than a year - until about 14-15 months of age.  And, Size 12-24 Months picks up after that.

Check out one of our happy families rocking both CCBABY sizes!  2-year old tot wearing Size 12-24 Months (Ivory One-Year Onesie and Black Pants), and 3-month old baby brother wearing Size 0-12 Months (Heather Grey One-Year Onesie).