How It Works

How can the 3-month old baby and 1-year old toddler pictured here wear the same size onesie?  

CCBABY employs a combination of innovative design, stretchy fabric, and adjustable snaps to make its garments fit for a full year (4X longer than the average baby clothing).

You may be most interested in how the snaps work on our patent-pending One-Year Onesie design.  Here's how:

The front of the onesie has 1 row of male snaps that can feed into either of 2 rows of female snaps located on the back of the onesie. 

For smaller babies, use the row of female snaps that is highest on baby's bottom.  When baby gets bigger, you can transition to the lower row of female snaps (located on the back hem of the garment).  That gives you an extra few inches of growth, which, combined with our signature stretchy fabric, is all that's needed for the One-Year Onesie to take your baby from birth to first birthday!